I did it just few minutes ago… I just have an addiction for local honey which starts to get sugary content. Woooh. I needed to fill myself up with some love today…so I ate honey,lol.

The day started very nicely. Woke up full of energy, went for a run in sunny park, had a cold shower, drank my water and clay…prepared food and things for the whole day and went to the city to the farmer’s market with my best friend. It was sunny and warm, I bought raw goat’s milk and got some carrots for free,haha. I ate watermelon for my breakfast sitting by the fountain.

Since 10 o’clock I had an angel seminar with a woman, who attended seminars with Doreen and Charles Virtue so I thought it will be very interesting and strong experience. I had some small cravings since morning but I got rid of them by eating some grapes and cherries and organic raw superfood bar. The seminar was full of old ladies interested in being all positive and happy all the time. I was BOORED. At 12 o’clock we had a lunch break. I spent it bathing in the sunshine and ate my lunch, which tasted horrible by the way and I got nausea from it. Even smelling some foods made me wanting to throw up. The second half was extremely exhausting for me. I knew all the things the lady was saying, I was bored, my belly hurt and I was over-sat from sitting so many hours on one uncomfortable chair. We had some meditations and I almost fell asleep and I was very hot and the wind was stuffy.

But I survived. They wanted to make a photo of all of us, I was so fed up that I almost ran away lol. They took photo and I said bye, escaping as quickly as I could. Finally free. Lighter of some money,haha. But I probably needed this experience for some reason. From the beginning it wasn’t flowing, the lady missed my message when I wrote her that I’d like to attend the seminar. Then there was a problem with sending my money. It ended that I accidently sent the advance payment to other person. Then there was a party which should have been on Friday so it would be difficult for me to get to the seminar in a suitable mood,haha.(I mean not with a hangover-I don’t drink very much but I could have been tired and stressed to hurry up from there to seminar). I just wasn’t sure if I should go there. Finally I went and the whole time I was thinking that I could have spent beautiful day outside in the sunshine.

The seminar made me sick, tired and craving sweets. Hahaha. I don’t have nothing against those people, I am happy that they want to me happy and live more consciously. But I am just too young to be that serious and sit 5 hours in a row in a hot room on the uncomfortable chair. I LOOVe seminar which are active, you dance, you sing, you move, you socialize with similar people like you. You are leaving the seminar full of energy and laughter. Not tired, exhausted, sad and empty.

So I got home and had a smoothie from banana, raw goat’s milk, maca and frozen strawberries. And then I had another banana with spoonfuls of HONEY. Now I am sitting there, not sure what I should do for the rest of the day. It’s 18:18. Angelic numbers yes? At least the seminar has led me to start communicating with my angels more again.

I am going to have a nap, try to digest all that sugar and not eat for the rest of the day. I might go for a ride on my bike. Yes that sounds good. Wind in my hair, fresh air, movement, sunshine and being in the physical world not just meditation all afternoon.

So..the end of this not very positive article. Yes, one can overeat on honey. But it doesn’t bring you any good feelings. It will leave you feeling even more tired than before and it won’t be converted into love as you hoped,lol. Love is not in honey. It’s in you. You just need to find it with doing something which uncovers it. It’s different for everyone else. I am the one who needs movement, sunshine, nature, hugging, dancing, talking and eating light.

Gonna write soon,

Have a beautiful day and enjoy it as much as you can. Don’t feel sorry for things which happened in the past and don’t worry about future. You are here now. So get your ass up from computer and do something which makes you filled-not with honey,haha.