Hello there!

I finally decided to do a mini watermelon fast just to see how addicted I am to cooked food and eating in general.

Today I am on the day 1, haha. Congrats to myself! It’s midday and I have already eaten one smaller watermelon. I am not hungry but I was craving all those sugars in it so I ate it whole during the morning. I don’t want to undereat because I went for a run, in the afternoon gonna go for a bike ride, slackline and inlining in the evening. And it’s soo humid and hot outside. Maybe there will be a storm during the night. I have my “monthlies” as well, so I need some more calories than usually.

I have another smaller melon at home, but I will get some more in the evening. I plan to continue tomorrow. I also bought some pears, grapes and apricots if it will be necessary. But I want to stick with melons. That’s all about food.

This fast is for me not to LOSE weight, not to DETOXIFY. These are just things which happen gradually with my mind’s work. I need to get rid of my addiction to food┬áin general. I eat when I am bored. I eat when I am stressed. I eat when I feel lonely or sad. That needs to stop. I will do just 2-3 days. I know it’s probably small, but I feel that it will be enough for me to see how my mechanisms work. I am also drinking clay every second day, supplement with chlorella/spirulina or young barley. I eat 1 teaspoon of ground cloves twice daily. Now I need to rest a little and read books. I will post later how it’s going.