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OK, so I have been trying to make my own coconut butter the day before yesterday.

But I realized that it needs a GOOD food processor. The one we have at home is like 50 years old. It is so loud. And it takes ages to mix something properly. I really like our food processor, it makes delicious hummus and peanut butter. But sucks when you want to do just 100% pure coconut butter.

The recipe is easy:

-put unsweetened shredded coconut in the food processor or Vitamix

-blend blend blend until it gets liquid

-put your coconut butter in the jar and let it get firmer

I was blending it like for 10 minutes but the coconut then went to the sides of food processor and it couldn’t get mixed there. But at least it released some fat and got smoother so I guess it’s OK. I added a little bit of honey as I want to eat it as a sweet treat. Then I put the butter in the jar and place it in the fridge – don’t do that. It got all hard and I couldn’t even scoop it with spoon,lol.

But…it’s delicious. It just tastes like all those unhealthy sugar-filled bars I used to love when I was a child. I have always been a coconut lover. Especially coconut-chocolate combo. And I still love it, so why not do it in a healthier way?

mmm…I am just enjoying my bananas with this no-butter coconut butter and I am good.



I don’t like to spend lots of ¬†money on expensive milk substitutes so I decided to make my own rice milk. This one is great for cooking, baking and even for smoothies or hot chocolate etc. When I want to have something fresh and just tasty on its own I usually make almond milk(recipe on this website as well). But this rice milk is great because it makes a LOT of milk and you basically need just one ingredient- rice! Let’s try it;)

Ingredients: for about 2 jars of thick rice milk(if you want to make more milk just double the amounts etc but keep the ratio)

  • 1/2 cup long grain brown rice(use organic if possible)-I really recommend this kind of rice, I tried it with other kinds and it didn’t have the right consistency
  • 4 cups water
  • +more water after wards

You will also need: big cooking pot, blender, strainer, big bowl and jars to put your milk in


Put rice into the cooking pot and add water (ratio 1:8- 1/2 rice and 4 cups water in this case). Bring to boil and cook on very light high for 3-4 hours! That’s very important, because the rice needs to be very overcooked.

Let it cool a little and then fill your blender half way with this mushy rice. The another half of your blender will be filled with water. I like to put a little bit of anise in this step. Blend for about 2 minutes so it gets completely smooth. Strain through a strainer(or cheesecloth) and voila you have your rice milk!(don’t forget to use the rest of your mushy rice and make rest of your milk) Now pour it into your jar and store in the fridge for 1-2 weeks. So easy!