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I am sometimes (or okay, always) lazy to cook my lunch in the evening for the next day (which is great because you have enough time and you can make something more tasteful and full of flavours), but lately I usually forgot to cook something in advance or I just didn’t want to, so next day I ended up buying some whole grain bread or pie (which are higher in fat for me these days and I want to reduce my bread intake anyways :)) and overally – spending more money than necessary.

I decided to stock my kitchen with some kind of foods which will be EXTREMELY easy and quick to prepare and remain healthy, high carb and vegan. Cous-cous is one of these foods and it is also one of my FAVOURITE foods, so why couldn’t I eat it almost daily?

yum yum cous cous (not taking this one anywhere and eating it at home)

yum yum cous cous (not taking this one anywhere and eating it at home)


  • 1 cup organic cous-cous
  • 1 tsp curry powder
  • 1 Tbsp organic soy sauce (sadly…my new addiction)
  • 1 carrot
  • 1 big tomato
  • about 1/3 cup of organic canned beans


You just basically put desired amount of dry couscous into the plastic box (which you will then take with yourself) – make sure not to add too much, it soaks loads of water and gets twice much volume. Pour boiling water on it. (about 3 cm above the couscous) Mix in some curry, organic soy sauce and when it is done (after 5-7 mins of just soaking) you can add your favourite toppings – I use tomatoes, carrot, tomato sauce and organic beans (I buy cans, I am too lazy to soak and cook my beans).

Enjoy this delicious LOW fat HIGH carb vegan dish, which is very very filling, satisfying and easy to digest (if you don’t add too much beans, haha).


hot chocolate in Beograd

I completely forgot about this blog. I created a new one and it just isn’t what I truly want my blog to look like. And here I am, this blog is just perfect, it’s old but I still love it and resonate with its design and I think it would be useful to continue with it.

So here I am, dedicated to writing again and I will be posting diary and recipe posts regularly. Just to mention, I am vegan again after about a year period of being vegetarian and few meat eating times. I just needed it. My body needed. I was craving fats, meat and eggs. Before that I had lots of problems with my period and hormonal balance. And it seems that the high fat diet consisting of LOOTS of organic and sometimes raw full fat dairy, eggs, coconut oil, butter, fish, vegetables, oats, legumes and fruit made it. I ate chicken ones and tried pork. I wanted to and I’m not sorry about that.

my eating habits in Romania

Anyways I got my normal healthy period after about 3-4 years of struggling with amenorrhea after my week in Romania at the end of December, where I was eating extremely unhealthy, loots of chocolate and had meat stew, I let my mind loosen, forgot about nutritrion teachings and let myself eat whatever I wanted and how much I wanted. And I wanted lots of food, sweets, high fat foods, meaty soups and yoghurts and nuts… I got my period week after and since than I had regular menstrual flow every month without pain and my hair started growing and is much healthier now. That’s it (I was eating healthy again when I came home from Romania, but still lots of dairy, cheese, eggs). During May I started eating mostly vegan again, my body felt renewed and ready for a vegan diet. During my travels veganism wasn’t possible (hitch hiking with a little money around Europe), but I stayed healthy vegetarian.

Now when I have enough time for food preparing and it’s cold outside so I am indoors a lot I am finally eating how I feel the best. High carb vegan foods, which warm me up and my digestion is much better. I love starch solution and I feel better than on raw foods, 80/10/10 and raw till 4. These diets made me overeat, gain weight and I never felt satisfied or full. I was consuming huge amounts of fruit, sometimes even 5-6000 calories, spent lots of money, was bloated all the time, didn’t have period and was addicted and dogmatic. That’s why I became vegetarian and high fat in the first place. Now I now that there is a better solution which is Starch solution:) I love rice, pasta, bread, dumplings, beans and oatmeal. Especially during autumn/winter I need to warm myself up and not drink cold fruit smoothies with exotic bananas and added sugar because it’s not sweet enough.

Stop rambling about food.

being with myself

I am studying university now but I still feel like being at the high school?! I just had bigger expectations or something… Studying is good and interesting but the student life is missing. I live with my parents, don’t have a part-time job and boyfriend. But when I think about it, it’s okay. After my last break up I needed time to heal and living at home brings lots of advantages. Stillness, solitude, intimacy, enough room for daily exercise and yoga, big bathroom, parents pay for food and I have everything I need here. I can go to parties and out with friends more if I need to and lately I have been outside a lot, so I don’t know why am I complaining???

I will write a list of things I am truly grateful for.

And I will write my goals for the near future.

But not in this post, it would be too long 🙂


autumn sunshine at the garden

I spent this weekend in the country, no Internet, using phone or watching television (I don’t do that anyway, but worths mentioning), cleared my mind, connected with nature, slept a lot, looked into the fire, cooked delicious dumplings on the stove, went for a walk with our dog and I was…happy. I was happy being just with myself. It was different than being at home, looking at Facebook and Youtube. I always feel anxious spending lots of time like that. But being in the country, going out to bring wood, put it into the fire, listen to music, drink litres of tea with honey…it was like pampering myself and I felt so much self-love surrounding me.

I just love it. I am gonna do this more often.

In the past I suffered from bad acne but I “healed” it with some medication from my dermatologist. Then I had an amazing complexion, maybe a pimple or two from time to time but it was just perfect. I was using lots of makeup(even tho I didn’t need it) because I was in my part of my life, where I wanted to become a make-up artist.

Then there were a times when I started eating 80/10/10 diet. Mostly raw fruit, dried fruit and some steamed potatoes with veggies.(but tons of it, about 3-4000 calories a day) Almost no fats. No salt, no animal products, nothing. I stopped using makeup completely, then even cosmetic products so I was rinsing my skin with water and didn’t even use an oil on it. I started breaking out as I was detoxing and this lasted kinda long, but I had a time of my life where I wasn’t caring about my appearance much(at least I was pretending I wasn’t). It lasted for half a year or so, wow, I am so brave. Now I know that all that sugar, lots of dates, tomatoes and no fat don’t make my skin very well. And it’s very much about my PSYCHIC state. Skin is your barrier, isolating you from other people. When it starts breaking out it always means some kind of block with other people, men or women, not enough self-love and disconnection with your inner-child or how you call it.

My skin cleared after those 6 months or so, but still it wasn’t smooth and I was always puffy and kinda bloated. I gained lots of weight on 801010 and I didn’t have the greatest social life as I wasn’t able to go out and have a dinner with other people, I was going to bed at 8 o’clock in the evening, didn’t drink any alcohol, tea or coffee and especially I wasn’t sure about myself, I probably needed that time for inner-reflexion, healing etc. It was just as it should have been.

And after some time I finally came to conclusion to stop doing things dogmatically. I started eating what I truly wanted and stopped overeating on carbohydrates. I stopped being so puffy and bloated all the time and my skin started clearing up. Also thanks to essential oils. I added much more fats into my diet as well, raw milk, eggs, butter and cheese and stopped eating potatoes, so much grains etc. And my skin is? BEAUTIFUL. I know it isn’t the diet, it’s my mental state. I am more opened, free and honest with myself. I am not denying my “bad” feelings and don’t pretend permanent happiness and inner balance. I am just human, I am not perfect.

But why I started to write this article. Lately my skin hasn’t been the best and it’s been kinda annoying. So I explored little steps how to heal it, and it works always.

  • do 1 day of fasting on water, rice, juice or smoothie whatever you prefer and if your skin clears up, it’s obvious that your acne is mainly caused by something in your diet(but keep in mind, that the first is always a mental “problem”)
  • you may try to avoid some foods which aren’t making you feel very well after eating them, in my case these were tomatoes and gluten(especially bread)
  • writing diary
  • using just coconut oil on your skin as makeup remover, moisturizer or whatever
  • lavender essential oil once daily
  • white clay mask few times a week
  • and the most important – being honest with yourself? what is your skin trying to “tell” you? I discovered it through muscle-testing with my friend, it was kinda exhausting process to get through my mental wards but finally I knew, it was my disconnection with my inner child(+ also a disability to set borders with other people, in this case it was surprisingly with women,haha i was blaming men all the time and it was the other side), my inner child was alone in the dark and “outside” I was hugging many people, letting them to touch me but I wasn’t in touch with myself…
  • I did a visualisation holding my inner child, very healing
  • lots of sleep
  • and next day almost all the pimples disappeared!

And now I am so grateful that my skin is always showing me that there is a problem somewhere. So be grateful for your acne, pimples or whatever. It’s a sign that something is happening and your body wants you to start solving it.