I’ve made the decision. I am going Christmas-free. I am not a Christian. I don’t see any reason to celebrate this holiday. Especially when I consider how awfully I am handling this time of the year.

In my country Christmas mean basically this – supermarkets and shopping malls are full of stressed people buying unnecessary expensive presents. Mothers are being stressed with cooking, baking (at least 4-5 kinds of sweets – full of butter, sugar, chemicals, white refined flour etc), cleaning the house… This starts at the beginning of December, or sooner. I was trying to resist it but every year I get stressed as well – you HAVE to buy presents to every member of your family, all your friends, schoolmates, work collegues, partner, his family, your pets…list goes and goes. Even when I try to buy my presents in advance it isn’t possible.

I am very picky in choosing gifts for my beloved ones. I want the gifts to be nice and useful and make them surprised and happy. But what if the person doesn’t have any hobbies at all? I mean the people who spend most of the day watching television, go to work, go drink with their friends or eat unhealthy meaty dishes. Maybe some sport in the meantime… but my creativity stops there. I am not going to buy any meat, alcohol or things which I don’t resonate with AT ALL. I like buying beautiful presents, filled with love, healthy, organic, hand-made, natural… but it is not possible when you “HAVE TO” buy presents for so many people so sometimes I end up buying something just to have something for that person. Magic disappears.

Christmas should mean being with your family, friends, partner and basically- feel good. It is not like that at all.


happy family and carp waiting to be killed and eaten


First of all – people don’t know anything about history of this celebration. They don’t know the meaning of traditions but still do it. In my country people eat fish (carp to be exact) and potato salad (potatoes, steriled vegetables, mayo, cheese, ham, boiled egg, pickles). Why? Nobody knows, but they still do it. There are stalls on the streets where you buy fish alive and kill it at home (nice tradition, isn’t it?) or they will kill it for you (example), blood is everywhere and it smells awfully. People are then carrying bloody plastic bags back home with smiles on their faces. One more task completed. Now 1000 more are awaiting!


sugary fatty sweets covered in more sugar


Okay, than you have to bake all that delicious sweets (not delicious at all, sugar, flour and fat combined together), it’s good for one thing – it will make you crave MORE of it, make you bloated and will feed your Candida very well. Plates are beautifully covered with sweets (which I like and it smells beautifully as well)…but- it makes people think that Christmas is about eating and “enjoying” what you have been resisting the whole year. I have been thinking the same. But why should I ruin my Christmas with stomachache, nausea and being tired with digesting? That’s what I ask… If people don’t have such a sensitive digestion as I do and they don’t gain tons of weight after Christmas, they are very happy people, haha. But there are not many of them, so I will keep being negative and hateful towards Christmas ­čśŤ

Then you HAVE to have a Christmas tree. Why? Again, nobody knows but everybody buys it and decorates it proudly. I actually quite like decorated Christmas tree, but could it please be stress-free?


they had to buy her AT LEAST something, didn’t they?


I mentioned presents before, but now I will mention them from the other side – as an accepter. I begged my parents many times – please don’t give me any unnecesarry things, which will just hang or lay in my room. I like to keep my room neat, clean and empty not filled with “decoration” which are only good for carrying dusty cap, lol. My parents should be people who know me, shouldn’t they? But I realised they don’t. I got unnecesary decorations for my room (no comment), too small panties, grey and black clothes (I hate these colours) and many other things which are nice, but… I don’t need them. I could have bought so much other, more useful and more beautiful things for that money! The presents just didn’t make me happy because they weren’t bought with love. They were bought as duties, with stress and absolutely without creativity.


fried carp with mayo potato salad


A little more complaining.
Christmas dinner, it starts quite early in my family. Parents are hungry because the whole day they are “fasting”. Or they call it fasting. Basically it means, eating Christmas sweets and drinking coffee, being stressed, tired, wrapping presents, preparing food for the evening. Two kinds of soups, two kinds of fish, two kinds of potato salads. They get very hungry around 4/5, so we HAVE TO have dinner at 5 eventho not all of the members are hungry ( I was actually stuffed from the lunch still, but who cares?). They drink alcohol (as cheers for “good health”), then we have bean soup (they add sausage in theirs), then they have second soup – fish soup, then we have second course – fish and potato salad (I had just vegan potato salad). Everybody is stuffed, full, bloated, overeaten and then we fakely watch Christmas fairy tales (every year the same ones) and go unwrap our presents.

With this stress ends. But shouldn’t it be ALL stress free. We have been arguing and yelling the whole day all just because of this fake holiday. And I am not going to be part of this anymore. The Christmas spell is gone. I don’t enjoy the Christmas athmosphere, because there is not any.

That is my opinion about Christmas as it is “done” in my family. All I ever wanted for Christmas is relaxed athmosphere, cozy room, cuddling on the sofa, watching a nice movie, drinking yummy tea and be in love with my life. I want to feel good,┬áthe year is ending, winter is here, celebrate everything amazing which happened during this year. I am going Christmas-free and going to create my OWN celebration which won’t include stress, hurrying, overeating, pushing myself, arguing, gaining weight and feeling depressed. I spent my Christmas Day crying and I don’t want this to happen next year as well. I want to be naked, dance, celebrate beautiful Goddess and free myself from┬áthe feeling that this part of the year…is horrible.

stay positive and clean the unnecessary negativity from your life.

stay positive and clean the unnecessary negativity from your life.