I will be writing a daily diet diary here during my times of healing my deep energetic body imbalance. Or basically my amenorrhea and extreme dryness in my body. I need to produce more heat in my body and get balanced. I am so tired and sleepy all the time. Starting to feel my throat sore and..I am not well. I need heat, humidity, fats and grounding.

There is a list of food I will be eating:

  • Well cooked grains
    • basmati rice
    • oats
    • couscous
    • spelt, wheat
  • Fruit
    • bananas
    • avocados
    • coconut
    • lemon
    • mango
    • oranges
    • persimmons
  • Vegetables – well cooked, with coconut oil
    • beets
    • carrots
    • potatoes
    • mushrooms
    • tubers and squashes
    • kale
  • Beans – not much and when it will be blended into a paste
    • green beans
    • tofu
    • chick peas
    • pink lentils
  • Oils – yes,yes, not low fat anymore, this doesn’t work well for fertility 😉
    • sesame oil
    • coconut oil
    • evening primrose oil – supplementing
  • Spices – avoid peppermint!
    • cinnamon
    • cardamom
    • clove
    • sage
    • fennel
    • ginger
    • garlic
    • turmeric
    • nutmeg
    • allspice
  • Sweeteners
    • rice syrup
    • molasses
    • sugar cane
    • honey
  • Liquids – no cold drinks, coffee, black tea, alcohol
    • warm water, LOTS of
    • hot herbal teas
    • warm rice milk

+ I will be doing yoga to produce heat in my body, take ayurvedic pills, rest a lot, not smoke!!!! and I have decided to become fully alcohol-free. It has never been a problem for me not to drink because I don’t like the taste of alcohol..but anyways during the Christmas period I often went out with my friends and had mulled wine or cider or something…It happened once in 1 or 2 weeks but still, I want to get fully rid of it. As well as cigarettes, which is the same as alcohol, I don’t smoke often, once in 10 days, but it dries me out and doesn’t produce anything good.

I want to start being kind to my body again and don’t do ANY harm to it. I want to nourish it, pamper it and give it love and nothing else. Stay vegan, eat nutritious oily foods to ground myself, do daily massage with oils, cover myself into blankets and read books, have long hot baths with essential oils, drink teas with honey and get creative. Write diary, draw, crochet, cook and bake, create recipes, play piano…That’s it ❀

Orange tea with cinnamon and ginger

So todays food intake:

  • didn’t sleep much after yesterday’s work and then bar (terrible, terrible, I will never let other people to push me to go somewhere where I don’t want to go)
  • morning walk with my friend, 1l warm water, 3 ripe bananas
  • at home laying in my bed, big bowl of warm oats cooked in lots of water + cinnamon, ginger, star anise, cacao, rice syrup and 1 tsp flax meal, 2 of my ayurvedic pills
  • ayurvedic Shatapushpi tea with honey, laying in my bed with a book
  • couscous with half an avocado, little bit of red beans, paprika and curry before going to cafĂ© with my friend(fruit tea with slice of orange, 1 cigarette) + 2 pills
  • 4 home-made whole grain pitas with raspberry jam (sweet cravings, extreme exhaustion and low energy…)