flowersHello dear people and thank you for visiting *my fruity essence blog*!

This blog is a renewed old one, some of the older posts may seem very different thats because I am different now 🙂 I am leaving them here if someone is interested in my past diary posts and there are some recipes as well, which I still like, so why not!
My name is Helen and I was born in February 1995 with Zodiac sign of Pisces, which I am fully aware of my whole life. Still looking for my balance, still swimming in the life process, going into extremes and being turned to two opposite sides at the same time.
I am learning, I am growing, evolving and falling a lot. But even after all those hard times I look at my life with a smile and I am happy to be alive. I have so many things to be grateful for, I am healthy, young and have everything I need (or at least I am affirming myself about that, haha).

I come from the past of eating disorder, I wrote a diary post about my healing journey if you want to read about that (here). That’s why lots of posts will be or are connected with eating, healing, cooking or some alternative lifestyles (don’t want to use a word diet, because never on my blog, you will find an advice for restricting yourself).

Enjoy reading my blog posts, yoga posts, essential oils posts and trying recipes or just looking at photos I made. Hope you will leave a comment and share some love!

Namaste ❤